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Nancy M. Reenan

Gorgeous!! He looks so much like my Mason, it's incredible!

Anette Lynch

Thank you for sharing Bobbin's story.. I just lost my female Weimaraner , "Zara" … She was going to turn 12 this next month.
She was a fabulous woofer… pretty, smart and opinionated, but very feminine and polite:)
She will be greatly missed!
I absolutely love your photos and your work WW… Thank you for all the happiness, joy and love you spread around!
Anette Lynch

joselle anthony

(singing doggedly) Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Bobbin, happy birthday to you -- and many more! Rangeley & Oliver, two NC Weims, send their wishes your way. We have a happy home 'cuz of your Daddy.

Robyn and Harley Inzerillo

Happy birthday, Bobbin, from your Weim friend, Harley, in Overland Park, KS

Judy Grimes

Tazzie and Annie Rose wish Bobbin a very Happy Birthday from NH. Both are girls and are the latest of the seven Weims we have been owned by.


Happy Birthday, Bobbin, from a younger girl (10) in Ohio.
Enjoy your birthday!

Hedy Pardey

Happy Birthday Bobbin. also congrats to WIlliam Wegman for looking after you so well.
Hugs to all your brothers, sisters, cousins etc. You are a great clan. There are some amazing and beautiful photographs of you all, which we all immensely enjoy viewing. Thankyou Mr.Wegman for all your images of a special breed we all love.

Renee Hawkins

WW-SO want to have an exhibit of Bobbin and relatives at LMFA - Longview Museum of Fine Arts - www.LMFA.org

Babs Baker Photo Taker

Loved reading about this beautiful dog Bobbin..l originally had no real knowledge. ...about these awesome dog's. ..untill l came across one of Wegmans books about Fay...at a bargain stall. .. upon turning its many lovely pictured pages. ..I was both intrigued and mesmerised by the presence these beautiful dogs emitted! Thank you William. .. for inspiring me in my photography also... as l embark on using more unique ways to photograph. ... especially around animals generally. X

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