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Jennifer Lynn

Oh William, they are completely stunning!

Clair Litster-Huckle

Awww what a cutie

Vanessa freeman

Love! Wish we could've seen them when we were in Rangeley but Lucas never wants to bother you!


Thanks for sharing! Love my Weims...


Like many, I fell in love with Weimaraners because of your work. After my spouse and I finished our thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail in Rangeley, ME - due to flip-flopping the last couple hundred miles - we got our first Weim and named him Rangeley. (At the time, we had no idea of your connection to the area.)

Flo was the key to melting my spouse's heart again, which is how I convinced her that we should adopt our second Weim, Oliver. I have wanted a female puppy for a while, and now I see the gorgeous Topper. I wonder if his pictures will be the catalyst for our third Weim...

Susan Wallace

I knew this would be the surprise. When you photographed my dog Kesha almost 12 years ago, you wanted to take her home from Tampa with you. I think you got Candy shortly after that.

Trudy J. Shealy

Yea! Congratulations on Topper! Look forward to your work with him. Kisses and pats to Bobbin (especially - old dogs rule), Flo, Candy and lil' Topper.


What a beautiful puppy! And already so poised in his photos!! Can't wait to see more...

And now I want another puppy.

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