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denice richards

am so sorry. lost a golden to lymphoma; it sucks.

Carol Clark

I am so very sorry for your loss!


I'm so sorry to hear about Penny. No one or no thing ever loves you like your dog.

A Facebook User

Bought back tears of loosing our Lilly, our weimeramer, my best friend on x-mas day this past year. I know that loss and heart ache. Know you are in our thoughts. So sorry

Candace Rose

I am so sorry for your loss. Losing family is never easy. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.


I lost my weim a year ago Christmas to the same thing. He too, lived longer than expected after diagnosis. They are such a big part of our lives. I'm sorry for your loss.


I'm so sorry to hear of Penny's passing. Glad that she was with you and comfortable at the end.


I'm very sorry to hear of her passing. You may not realize it yet, but she did far more for your soul than you could've done for her. I don't know what it is about these silly weims...they change us and make us better people.

June Southwell

Over the rainbow bridge to play with Weim' family that passed before her. Heartbreaking for you all. May time heal your sorrow. June


I'm so sorry for your loss. She was a great friend to you and she'll be missed.

oana crisan

Penny, although I never got the chance to meet you, I am very sad to hear that you are no longer with us.


It's never easy to lose family member...My thoughts and prayers your way... Love you work and am an aspiring photographer and animal lover myself with 4 beautiful babies to play with! Love your creative work and your passion for your animals as well!!

D. Lynn Baker

Very sorry to hear this. Hope you have others to help fill the void!!I lost one last year and am expecting another one to go this year. But they never really leave, for we carry them in our hearts forever. Penny's at peace and not in pain.


Our 4 legged friends it is So Hard to lose one of them with all of their love that they express for us while they are here I am truly sorry for your lose and I do know what you are going through. I know it will get better but you must realize that she knew she was loved by you with all that you gave her . . . a home and family thats so important, God Bless you all!


I feel your pain. My 4 year old Britt ran birds right up to the end even though the cancer was throughout. She also died at home the humane way surrounded by those who loved her. Like losing a child at the time. So sorry.

Jill Rothenberg

I'm so very sorry about Penny. All good thoughts with you. I lost my weim to cancer a week before his 13th birthday and still think about him every day.

Katie Keller

This makes me so sad. She was so beautiful. Losing a pet is the worst, and losing my dog Maggie (who always reminded me of your dogs) was the worst day of my life. 8 is so young. I am so sorry.

Karin Hargrave Saucedo

Penny was beautiful and so young. I lost my JRTerrier, Picos, when he was just 7 to cancer. He was my soul dog. I'm so sorry for your loss.


so sorry for you loss

Patricia Bergman

God Speed, Penny.

A Dogs Life Photo

So sorry to hear of your loss. Her memory will live on forever through your amazing photos of her. Best wishes to you.

Pam Parrish

Dear Bill,
I'm so sorry for your loss. Godspeed sweet Penny. I will light a candle to help you on your way, and am sure my sweet Orion who left me just a month ago will be there with you, helping you find your way around Over the Bridge.

Pam Parrish

Inga de Beyer

I'm so sad to hear this news about Penny. We too lost our beloved Weimaraner Ruby to lymphoma a few years back when she was just shy of six. Your news has made me sob for our girl. Hopefully in a world I can only imagine, our girls are playing, cuddling
and keeping busy with lots of other Weimaraners; a beautiful field of grey. Penny was grand.

Fabrice Bertelli

Votre muse est dans nos coeurs, comme les ĂȘtres qui nous sont chers.

Laura Poplin

I'm so sorry about Penny. I'm sure she is now happily playing and running while waiting at the bridge.

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