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love so much!!*


Great reading on each dog's personality and what he or she brings to your work. You should do a take-off on those Playboy centerfolds where the dogs have "likes," "dislikes," "turn-ons," "favorite toy," "preferred sleeping location," "strongest character trait" and "nickname," etc. Weird. I just suggested an idea to William Wegman. Hmm...

sierra palms

I've been a fan of yours since the 70s...great visual and emotional rambles

Sybil Sage

I was at your studio years ago with someone who had rented it for a shoot and was amused that one of your dogs remained on a stay command forever as you'd seemingly forgotten it was going on.

I am designing uniquely personal pet urns with photos embedded in a mosaic design. If you would like me to do one with those animals you've lost, please contact me.

Jennifer Lynn

Beautiful girl. So sad she is gone William.


sorry for your loss. Been a fan forever, since you and your "kids" came on the market...weims rule!


way back in the day when I had my 1st weim, everyone I knew gave me your T-shirts and books and I even have the big posters you did for Borders (rest easy)(its all here)...love ya man!


Run free Penny! Great girl.....

Sandra Burns

She was surround also by a cloud of witnesses. I loved her as if she were my own, through your photography. Thank you so much for sharing this superior one of God's creatures.

Martha Jeannette

Sorry for your loss. Penny was loved.

Mal Dekker

I'm so sorry for your loss of beautiful girl Penny . I know what you feel , in March it's gonna be one year since I lost my beloved Silver Girl Funia to osteosarcoma.
I know that our girls run now together young and whole again !


Love, love, love . . .!!! I know she's playing with My Gracie and the eternal life is awesome!!!! Thank you again for all you portray with the weims. Because of YOU, I have such beautiful girls and will forever have my weims!!! God Bless you, Man Ray, Fay and all those beautiful pups thereafter!!! THANK YOU!!!


Susan Robertson

I'm so sorry for your loss, Bill. I am glad I got to meet Penny at your dad's house. To see all the dogs together was such a treat, after hearing about them for so many years.
I lost my Sasha last September; my thoughts go out to you and your family.
Susan R.

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