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Tim Owens

The "strangest job I ever had" was working as a prop for WW artwork.
"Funny and strange!"

Lisa Martin

Well in 1976 when I was 10 years old a man on the beach told me he would pay me to count waves. So I started counting waves as they came a shore the following day in 1976. Now I know I'm dating myself and most of the readers on these blogs probably didn't even know a 1976 existed BUT Bill I know you do! I know you are thinking well geez in 1976 I was well older than 10 years old so let's just leave it at that then for our age. Anyway, where were we again, of yea, so i started counting waves and sometimes I would count a lot maybe 3million and 75 a day. Some days i didn't have as long to count so I would get like 1053 waves and then have to get home for dinner being 10 and all. By the time 1980 came around i was 14 years old and counting daily. My Mom used to think I had some kind of wave addiction and thought that might lead to drugs but you know she was right, it did! So in 1980 I was counting waves and doing drugs and going to school and basically being a teenager. Well then life went kind of quick and before I knew it it was 2010 and I was old. I mean grey hair, kid, married, working full-time, paying the bills, making the mortgage, barely, but still paying the bills and STILL counting waves. Now some days I would stay for 3 or 4 hours and when it was windy and i would get like 674002 waves. Then when it wasn't windy and the waves would just lap the shore, you know how they make that lapping sound, I would only count like 15 minutes. When you have a kid they do have to eat and I have to feed them so maybe I would get to 101 waves and have to get home. Now I know your wondering about this job and so am I because I'm still counting waves and still waiting to get paid. I guess when you never finish a job and it goes on and on the paycheck just gets bigger but then you also never actually get one. So that's why I still have that 9-5 job. I'm still waiting for that big wave counting check to come in, yes from 1976!!

Patricia Bergman

As a teenager, I diligently sewed beads onto wedding dresses. One. Bead. At. A. Time. At night, I would dream of beads only to wake and bead another day. I also wear reading glasses before the age of 30. I have a sneaking suspicion the two are related.

Hedy Pardey

I had a real aahh-hhaa moment when I read you slept through art history slide lessons and achieved A's . Me too!!! ( not that's to do with work!). I worked in a commercial laundry feeding sheets through a huge roller ironing press, being paid a pittance while the Greek permanants around me were paid piecemeal and made a lot more money. The good job was usheretting at the Sydney Film Festivals, where I was paid to watch the films. The nerve-wracking job was looking after two weimaraners who went awol after my best intentions of lookig after them. Many hours later, after driving the suburbs, they were rounded up. A stiff gin never tasted so good. My most difficult job (recent) was caring for my newborn grandson for a week (by myself) while my very weak daughter spent a week in hosptial.Now that was real responsibility. (I will remind him when he gows up).

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