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Patti Soldavini

Do you know about this blog? http://mylifewitholive.wordpress.com

Olive is a very wonderful Weimeraner with many exciting adventures.....

Dan S.

OK. Know that I am definately not a Trekker. BUT....I cannot find any source for a piece I saw called "Crewman" a number of years back...StarTrek based...may have title wrong. Made me smile then and would like to have a copy now. Thanks, Dan

Barbara Duffy

Just an funny observation - I teach 1st grade and have a lot of your books and videos, which the kids LOVE. I have a framed picture of Batty , all dolled up in a blonde wig, on the wall. Quite a few years back, after about 2 months of school, one of my boys came up and said "Miss Duffy, is she your sister?" as he pointed to Batty. He had NO IDEA that was a dog. I am thinking the kids begin to stop seeing the dogs in the pictures and they become human characters to them. Amazing.

Ingrid Hauss

I have a dream.

I would love to study with William Wegman.

I am Ingrid Hauss, born in the Black Forest in Germany, now living, painting and teaching yoga as 'living art and poetry' in Canada. When I was a child I wanted a dog costume so I could "be a dog" ... Having grown up with German and Scandinavian Landseer Dogs and Great Danes, I miss them now in my city attic. You can find some examples of my art under haussart.com.

Ingrid Hauss

C Knox

We live in Champaign Illinois and love your work. My son adores photography and will be starting college in the fall.

Did you major in art at the U if Illinois?

Cheers from the flatlands.

Naomi L.

What Goes Up Must Come Down was not dismantled by the police or any other government entity. It was dismantled by a private citizen, moved, and put up as insulation in a detached garage on private property in St. Paul. I believe it is still there. As the perpetrator has told me many times, he was young and stupid, and it was a goofy prank. Now he says he is old and stupid. He was tired of hearing about all of the fuss over it and how it might encourage bombing of the Foshay Tower. He believes it was up for longer than a day - maybe even a week or two??? He does not want to come forth, of course, but it is a great story, and would solve the mystery of what happened to it.

Sylvaine Strike and William Harding

Dear Mr. Wegman

The Fortune Cookie Theatre company (www.fortunecookietheatrecompany.com), is in love with your work and would like to enquire about the usage rights and costs involved in using one of your images for the poster in our forthcoming production of Moliere's The Miser to be staged at The Market Theatre, Johannesburg. The image itself was a very present in the development of the feel of the show and it will be a privilege to be able to give credit to your work in this way.

We look forward to hearing from you.Kind Regards,
Sylvaine Strike, William Harding and the Fortune Cookie Theatre Company

shayla reeves

Dear Mr.Wegman
I have to do a report on you for my photography class. I would really like to get some cool info about you, your dogs, and your work.

Jen Reynolds

Mr wegman
I have a gorgeous Weim that you might be interested in photographing, although I'm sure that's what everyone says. She loves all and is loved by all...please let me know if you want me to send you pictures of Riley. I have some professional ones I could show you as well. I'm pretty certain she could be your calendar girl!

Thank you so much,
Jen Reynolds

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