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have you ever worked with dalmatians?
a HUGE fan


Hello I'd love to buy a picture of you but I am living in Paris where can I find a gallery who represent a part of your work ? How can I buy a picture maybe through internet is there a website where some of your pictures are on sale ? Thanks. Marie


Dear William, Since your work at the Tate London a long time has gone...your pictures still marvellous. I baught you orat the gallery SITUATION dyou remember??!!
I am living in Burgondy now, steel collect.
Take care
Catherine MONGIN

Hedy Pardey

Thankyou for your reply.I believe many of your fans are fascinated with your ability to 'arrange' your dogs in such wonderful poses and sequences. No one seems to manage to do it as seamlessly as you do. A great rapport between you and the weis.

Peter Gailitis

Hi, here is a link to pictures of a painting signed 'Wegman'. http://www.liveauctioneers.com/item/10186231 Is this by you? It says in the book, "funney/strange" that at one time, way back, you painted 'hard-edge abstractions'. It sold for $50. I do not own it. Peter Gailitis

Bogart Hausberg

Dear Sir,

It's rather urgent, and I cannot find an address where you receive fan mail. Do you have a P.O. Box or other secret address to which I may send my regards?

Thank you very much.

Sincerely yours,
Bogart Eddie Bogs the Airedale Terrier

P.S. I find the fact that only "humans" are allowed to send messages through your web store very insulting.

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