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Patsy Chema

In the '3 weeks ago' photo Flo looks unsure of her modeling career, but I'm sure you will bring out all that flare in her that is hidden away!

Matthew Langley

Flo has a real presence. I'm looking forward to seeing her for a while.
See you on the rink tomorrow.



Awwww! I just love the ears!!

Kate Y

Flo is so incredibly sweet! We have a Weim and Flo makes me want another puppy.

Kaerynne Nakamura

Love the puppy blue eyes - we are picking up our 'baby' tomorrow! Enjoy Flo, she's so lovely.


I am in LOVE with Flo. Thanks so much for sharing these. It always is a good day when you share new work! :)

Martha Zimet

Love the pictures of Flo! I remember that puppy breath..


Absolutely precious! Oh, what a face! :-)

Lisa Ruskey

She Look's like a Pro already! Looking forward to many years of her Photo's!

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