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Kathy Otto

He looks beutiful and young! I love that weims never age. They already have silver fur so you do not notice it around the muzzle excet for our BLUE friends. My Weim is 8 and constantly mistaken for "a puppy"

Nicole Mawer

Still as gorgeous as ever x


My Weim Casey just turned 14 last week. All the more precious!


Still gorgeous! And wonderful photo, of course!


Lovely! He looks wise now... :)

Debbie Alvis

Our weim is 12 and a half, still beautiful❤️


Bobbin's beautiful then and now. My weim's almost 9 1/2 and he's got some silver fur around his muzzle...he's my gorgeous boy! The weim is an amazing breed........

Jèreh Sabaris

GUAUUUU!!! I'm Jèeeeeh a Weimar from Buenos Aires, Argentina I`m 4 years old. Happy Birthday and 1.000 kises!!!!

Teresa Carter

Our weim is 14, but is getting quite frail. Still beautiful though!

Jean Feller

I heard all about Bobbin's potential when I met Mr. Wegman, Batty and Chippy in 2005 at a book signing in NYC. I believe Bobbin belongs to Mr. Wegman's sister. What a beautiful boy. I've had two Weims of my own.


My Rev girl just turned 13. Her brother passed at 12. Have another that is 10 1/2. Love them

Cindy Fernald

Stunningly handsome, now and then!

Margit Klint

Distinguished - all ages!
My beauty is 10.

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