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LOVE!! they are all so happy in the bottom couch picture it's adorable!

Cristina and Baxter

Flo you are a brave girl!No way in the world would I do the surf thing! Maybe you can teach me?


Flo looks so happy; she may not want to return to work.

Vanessa Freeman

Love! Wish we were up there too!


What part of Maine?

Hedy Pardey

Love the image. 'Comfort and relaxation'. The colouring of the interior is so flattering against the grey of their coats.
Thankyou for sharing.

Denise Leuchter

What a beautiful family you have! We have a five week old, gorgeous litter of eleven, if you happen to be in Toronto anytime soon...

Hedy Pardey

Maine looks a great spot. Different and contrasting to New York. Weimaraners seem to like travel. Our Milly LOVES going away in our caravan touring Australia. If we're home too long, she shows she is bored and wants some activity.(not by being destructive, just pestering us and demanding excessive attention: think 3-5 year old child.)Love the plaid lounge chair. One of my favourite wei images; but there are so many.Thankyou for sharing some aspects of your life with us.Very appreciative seeing behind the scenes of the life of a wei in Wegman household.

June Southwell

Everyone.... it's just so Weim isn't it?

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